The Dating Life of a Sugar Daddy

Jan 19, 2023 | Questions

Being a Sugar Daddy is the best thing that has happened to the modern male in the last ten years or so. And we say that with absolute confidence, having in mind the lifestyle and the needs of a modern businessman.

For a mature, prosperous man, that has a certain lifestyle, and likes things to be done a certain way, and for the young, elegant, smart and on the rise businessman that is looking for the next big deal to close, having a normal, traditional relationship will not do!

These modern men, of a certain financial stability and expectations of how life should be, having a normal dating life feels very restrictive and constraining, because these men need their freedom, need to pursue their business interests, and need to have a supportive partner by their side, not a controlling one.

And either we like it or not, being in a traditional form of relationship – marriage, engagement or romantical involvement, implies a form of control over one another.

“I love the thrill of the game; I like to stand with the influential people at the table and close deals that have the potential of changing lives. But I soon realized that I could not do that and worry about missing the dinner with my fiancé and her parents or being late when we’ve had planned a movie night. My lifestyle is constantly changing, and I needed someone in my life to just go with the flow and be ok with my schedule without asking any questions”, said Mirhan, 59, Sugar Daddy, who’s in a 5-year commitment with a Sugar Baby.

“Leaving what the society was expecting of me behind and just focusing on what I was able to give to a woman and what I wanted to get in return, has truly changed my life.” (Mirhan. 59)

I haven’t entered this world of Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies committed to finding that long-term relationship with just one lady. At first, I’ve dated a lot on sugar daddy websites, I’ve had Sugar Relationships that lasted a couple of months to a year, and by doing so I’ve managed to see for myself what I was looking for and what I needed in my life.

When I found Simone, my current, long-term Sugar Baby, I knew she was perfect for me. She is beautiful, full of life, she has an incredible laughter, and she is smart. That spark in her eyes was what convinced me to date her again and again.

And the amazing thing is that I’ve finally seen how it is to have someone by your side that elevates you instead of dragging you down.

She joined me at cocktail parties and on business trips and she was so classy, so witty and so charming that I can honestly say that she helped me close some of my most prolific deals.

I’ve told her from the very beginning that my schedule is hectic and unpredictable, so I could not talk about setting up a timetable of dates or things like that, and she agreed with this unpredictability.

I now call her a day in advance and let her know I have tickets to a show, or I’ve booked us a table at a restaurant, or that I want her to accompany me to a party. I give her a monthly allowance and I like to spoil her with gifts from time to time.

It’s like I am enjoying the best version of a relationship! I get to have the girl, enjoy her great looks, have fun with her, laugh and talk about almost any subject, BUT I don’t have to deal with angry calls, with her asking me where I am and with whom, with her being jealous or having a headache”, says Mirhan.

Sugar Daddies with two separate lives

I get what I need out of a relationship from my Sugar Baby, and I keep the traditional stuff separated, at home”, says Victor, another Sugar Daddy that is living a double life.

“I need the thrill, the fun, the joy that my Sugar Baby gives me, but that doesn’t mean I am not doing my part as a family man, but some things need to be separated and work best like this. My Sugar Baby knows how to be discreet and respects all my requests, and I shower her with gifts in return.

She is a lovely young woman with lots of potential, and I must admit that I get a thrill out of paving her way in life and opening doors for her, to succeed professionally. Is this making me a lousy partner and father? Maybe, if you look at it through a traditional relationship lens.

But I think we are much more complex creatures, and we need to personalize our relationships so that it can fit us, instead of us trying to fit in the same mold as everyone else”. (Victor. 48)

We are not meant to fit in a mold. We are unique and special in our very own way. And this is what dating as a Sugar Daddy is all about: staying true to yourself and to your needs and aspirations in life, all while finding things that are making your soul happy!

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