How to Surprise Your Sugar Daddy

Oct 25, 2023 | Advices

Getting a sugar daddy is not the end of the “game”, but the beginning of your endeavors as a sugar baby, to keep your partner interested, involved and eager to spend time with you.

Keep in mind that even if it seems ideal to accept a deal that involves just a few dates per month, not seeing your sugar daddy can also mean creating a distance between the two of you. As you are aware, the spark, the chemistry must be sustained by constant efforts put into great dates.

So, try to “earn” as much time together with your sugar daddy as possible, to keep him entertained, satisfied, and invested in your relationship. And that is not all, because you must try to make each date spent together a memorable one.

Remember that he is a rich man that can have everything that he wants, so is not the value of the things you can offer him that matters, but the thought put into offering him something that shows him you care for him, you listen to his tales and you are invested into offering him a great time while he is with you.

And the result is simple – if you make him feel special and you create great dates, he will want to see you more, and repay you for your efforts and consideration.

Your focus is on “how to keep my sugar daddy entertained”, with emphasis on my sugar daddy. So, the first thing to do is to know how to listen to him, and by that we mean paying attention to what he is saying, making eye contact and physical contact, and offering him verbal ques that signals you being focused on the story.

Listen to your sugar daddy, ask him questions about what he likes and what he doesn’t like, about his favorite childhood memories, about his dreams as a young boy and about his passion as an adult. Show him that you are really interested in himself and in what he has to say, and he will be pleasantly surprised.

Now, after listening to him and asking all the right questions, you have all the material needed to surprise him in the most special way. Take him on a surprise trip to a place that he used to visit in his childhood, buy him a vinyl record of his favorite band, take him to a nice Italian restaurant if he says that he misses his mom’s pasta and so on.

The gestures that you can do to show your appreciation are not intended to be expensive or extravagant, but are amazing reminders for him that you care, you listen, and you are there for him.

Think about it in terms of: what does my sugar daddy likes, and try to make a small gesture for him. These small surprises are the best and the effect will be guaranteed.

Another way to surprise your sugar daddy is to show initiative, not only expect the invitation to come from him. Buy some movie tickets to his favorite movie, buy him a book from his favorite author, send him a cute message when he least expects it (only if you agreed in advance that it is ok for you to text him), take him on a picnic and feed him something that you made especially for him.

Every one of these gestures will make for a great surprise and will surely be fully appreciated by your sugar daddy. Just give it a try and you’ll see for yourself.

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