How to impress your sugar baby

Sep 29, 2023 | Advices

Just by having the sugar daddy status doesn’t necessarily mean your job here is done and you’ll attract the best sugar babies out there with minimum effort. Just like in a traditional relationship, it takes commitment from both sugar daddy and sugar baby, to make a relationship work.

So, while the sugar baby needs to meet certain requirements to fit in the world of a strong, mature, and financially stable sugar daddy, the same applies to the sugar daddy.

A sugar daddy must also work to impress his sugar baby, and not take things for granted. After you find a sugar baby that suits your needs, you must put in the effort to keep her interested and the relationship going.

Although we are not talking about the efforts a man needs to put in a traditional type of relationship, even sugar partnerships must involve some sort of work from both sides.

As a sugar daddy you should impress your sugar baby through your mannerism, the way you talk and the attention that you pay to your sugar baby’s needs.

So, first things first: the way you act, or your manners!

Be polite and respectful towards the time that the sugar baby is offering you. Although it is an exchange of services, that doesn’t mean that you must treat it as a business deal. On the contrary, show respect towards the efforts your sugar baby is putting into your relationship, be kind and sweet, make the conversation a two way, so keep in mind that listening is as important as talking.  

Dress not to impress but to fit in

Dress according to the place you’re taking your sugar baby for a date, and not over the top trying to impress or intimidate her with your status. Dress comfortably, act politely and try to take her on your first date to places where there’s not so much pressure for her to make a top impression. This way you have a better chance of winning her over and helping her relax and show her true nature and just be herself around you.

Show interest in what she likes

During your time together don’t forget to ask her questions regarding her likes and dislikes, her hobbies, her studies, and her interests.  This way you will surely impress her and make her even more committed to your sugar relationship.

Plan dates to places that she feels most comfortable in

Plan a nice activity that you know she will like. If she loves movies, maybe take her to see the latest movie, or if she is an outdoorsy person take her for a hike. Step outside your comfort zone and don’t plan dates only in the places that are familiar to you. Instead opt to do things that she loves, and you’ll surely get her respect and admiration.

Learn to “read” her reactions

Pay attention to her body language and respect her decisions. This way you show her you are a true gentleman, and you have what it takes to take care of her. Also, do not drink too much during your time together because that is a big turn-off for any sugar baby.

Open up about yourself

Don’t be afraid to show your vulnerable side and talk about the things that you like and the things that make you feel worried and concerned. This way she sees that you are serious about this sugar baby – sugar daddy relationship and that you are considerate towards her.

Be honest, be polite, be calm and charming, and always be a true gentleman. Show interest in the things that she says and she likes and you will really impress your sugar baby!

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