How to Impress Your Sugar Daddy?

Sep 19, 2023 | Questions

Knowing how to talk to a sugar daddy is the key to impressing your partner and to make it in this sugar dating world. Being in a sugar baby – sugar daddy relationship is not as simple as it may seem.

When entering the sugar dating world there are two factors you need to consider: impressing your sugar daddy during one-on-one conversations and impressing your sugar daddy by presenting an impeccable taste and a sharp mind when you accompany your date at a social event.

Show impeccable social skills

The competition is strong and the requirements are plenty. You need to be prepared to enter this world of high-class players, by having the right attitude, social skills, the right makeup and selection of clothes, and the ability to express yourself with class and good manners.

So, always make sure you:

  • know the dress code for the place and event you are attending,
  • always do your homework in advance, by being up to date with the news of the world and major events happening and being discussed on the news, so that you can hold your part of the conversation,
  • always wear discreet makeup and accessories
  • always know a little bit about the people you are about to meet so that you can adapt your speech and behavior.

Be natural and invested in your private talks

The next thing to do when learning how to talk to a sugar daddy is to start the conversation with your partner in a casual tone, try smiling and making eye contact.

When your partner is talking to you, be an active listener, touch his hand as a sign that you understand or agree with what he is saying, ask questions to show interest in what he is talking about and don’t change the subject if your sugar daddy seems like he is not over it.

Being self-centered is a big no-no when it comes to dating a sugar daddy. So, instead of going on and on about how your day was or talking about your problems and your struggles, try to show real interest in your sugar daddy.

Ask your sugar partner about his day, ask additional questions just to show that you’ve been listening and that you care, and show your availability to help him if he happens to need your assistance. This way you show you care and that you are invested in your relationship, and you are not there only for the financial aspect of it.

Try to talk about things that are happening in the world and ask him how the events around you are affecting him or his business. By showing that you are connected to the world you live in and that you are not just a shallow, beautiful, doll-like figure, you will win some points with your sugar daddy and make an impression.

Bring up into the conversation things that he has said a while ago. This will impress him, showing him that you really pay attention to him, and you care for his opinions and his problems.

Notice the small things and compliment him from time to time, because just as us women, sugar daddies also like to be seen and appreciated for the efforts they are putting in to get a certain look.

All these things are meant to help you make a great impression in front of your sugar daddy, showing him not only that you are a classy and elegant woman, but you are also smart and really considerate towards him, his ideas and his feelings.

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