Is having a Sugar Daddy illegal?

Nov 13, 2023 | Questions

More and more people are finding traditional dating to be outdated and not match their emotional needs, availability, and expectations, and are looking for alternative ways of dating. Here is where sugar dating steps in as the ideal dating scenario, due to its ability of being fully customizable according to every couples’ unique needs.

But is having a sugar daddy illegal? This is the question many sugar babies and sugar daddies are asking before embarking into this sugar dating adventure.

The answer is simple: is it illegal to have a sugar daddy? NO, it is not! And we explain that by thinking of what sugar dating really is. Sugar dating is a transactional relationship, where a young, smart sugar baby is exchanging her time for a special favor from the sugar daddy she is dating. This favor may come in the form of gifts, traveling, paid tuition or monthly allowance. And this is not far from what a traditional dating scenario also offers.

Because when two people are dating, in a traditional relationship, an exchange of benefits is also taking place. We exchange our time, our affection, our interest, our knowledge, for other things that the partner may bring to the table, things such as financial stability, social status, wits, time, and emotions.

During the first encounter between a sugar daddy and a sugar baby, the two of them discuss about their likes and dislikes in a relationship, about the time and effort that they are willing to put into this relationship, about their expectations and about what they are willing to offer in terms of benefits.

So, what makes the sugar relationship so different and so much better, some may say, than a traditional relationship is this factor of sincerity. The fact that we are willing to be honest about the time we are willing to put into the relationship, the fact that we need to schedule dates to fit our daily lifestyle, the fact that we have some needs and expectations that can make us feel happier and more relaxed into our social encounters, and so on.

As long as you are keeping your end of the bargain, being in a sugar relationship is not in any way illegal, is just the sincerest form of relationship out there, because you are true to yourself, and you are fully honest with your partner.

Instead, if you say one thing and do another, if you don’t do what you promise and just try to rip out the benefits of having a sugar daddy, that may alter your sugar relationship and lead to your sugar daddy ending your sugar agreement.

Stay honest, maintain a transparency policy with your sugar daddy and always talk about the things that are not to your liking. Being human means that we are on a constant journey to self-improvement, and what is right for us now, it may not be ok for us later. So, always be open and talk to your sugar daddy, and whenever you feel like changing some of the things agreed with him at the beginning of your relationship, bring that issue to the table and clear it out. This is a key to a healthy and happy sugar relationship.

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