Safety tips when entering the world of millionaire dating

Aug 17, 2023 | Safety

Safety always comes first, no matter who it is you are dating, because problems can occur even in the millionaire dating world if the right vetting procedure has not been followed.

So, when you start your sugar dating adventure, make sure that you keep a healthy dose of skepticism with you, and you always question everything that the other person is delivering as a fact.

How to know if a Sugar Daddy is real:

Do not be gullible, do not trust anybody, and always have your own verification procedure, and stick to it when it comes to all the potential Sugar Daddies you’re chatting with, with no exceptions.

To make sure that you are safe when entering the millionaire sugar dating world, start with the sugar dating platforms you choose to use. Always go for the platforms that have good reviews, a professional looking website, contact information, a support team that answers promptly to your questions and requests, and a proper vetting system set in place for all the members of the platform, both Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies.

The vetting system of the sugar dating platform should require that all Sugar Daddies to be verified before being approved on the dating website. And after passing the vetting system, they should get a green “verified” badge on their profile. T

This way you know that the first step in making sure that the person you are talking to is the real deal has been made.

Next steps are on you:

  • Look at the Sugar Daddy profile and see if it is complete. Look if he has photos uploaded, an “About Me” description text, and all the fields on the profile completed.
  • Now look at the photos: Is the same guy in all the photos? Can you clearly see his face? What type of activities is he involved in in his photos? What kind of photos has he chosen to upload on his profile? Choose his main photo and do a photo search on google to see where else on the internet you can find his photo.
  • Go to the “About Me” text. Do a google search to see if that text can be found somewhere else. Is he using a generic quote in the description text? Is his grammar on point? Is he being polite or is he rude and obnoxious?
  • Check out how he answered the questions on his profile. Are the answers satisfactory for you?
  • See how he replies to your message. Is he monosyllabic, or talkative? Is he bragging or he is using a generic “hello” line that he automatically sends to all the girls DM-ing him?

All these steps provide you with important clues regarding the personality of the Sugar Daddy you’re about to talk to. Don’t miss these steps if you want to do a proper filtering of the guys you are going to talk to, and keep in mind that this info is the first step in deciding if the guy you are chatting with is safe to be your future Sugar Daddy or not.

Always put your safety first and ask all the questions you may have. If your questions are being met with avoidance or anger, then this is you sign to back off and talk with another guy.

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