How to spot the dating profile of a fake millionaire!

Apr 24, 2023 | Safety

The online dating world, Sugar Dating included, is far from perfect when it comes to the quality of the profiles and the people behind those profiles. There are a lot of sugar dating platforms available on the market and not all of them have a strict policy when it comes to checking the validity of their users, both Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies. That’s why it’s important to know what to look for when accessing a profile, especially when you are on a millionaire dating site, and what are the red flags you need to spot.

There are a lot of fake millionaires out there, a lot of guys posing as being rich and living a life of luxury, just to attract gorgeous Sugar Babies.

But if you know what to look for when entering a millionaire dating site, you will spot the red flags and know to avoid such individuals.

A flashy profile

If his profile is too flashy, with tacky photos of him in luxurious places, wearing big logo brands, depicting him in money spending situations, and his description is all about bragging and name dropping, then this is a sign of his true character. When on a millionaire dating site, you need to keep in mind one important thing: real millionaires are usually not flashy with their wealth, connections and spending habits!

All about money

If his profile seems ok and you decide to move forward and chat with your potential millionaire Sugar Daddy, pay extra attention to the topics he chooses for discussion. If everything revolves around money, and he goes on and on about how much this and that have cost him, then this is a red flag you should be aware of. Remember that a true millionaire is used to a certain lifestyle, so he doesn’t feel the need to talk or boast about his spendings.

Big brand logos

Wearing clothes with big brand logos is a thing that you will not see at a real millionaire. Real high-end fashion is about quality and exclusivity and not about big logos on t-shirts, belts, bags and so on. So, if a Sugar Daddy from a millionaire dating site is posting photos of him wearing such clothes, with huge logos, this is a sign that you are dealing with someone that is a fake millionaire, not accustomed with the real millionaire lifestyle.

Self-worth mirrored in what others are thinking

A fake millionaire thinks that others’ perception of himself is more important than reality, thus he will constantly try to impress others with his clothes, his cars, the places he’s visiting and so on. All while a real millionaire Sugar Daddy knows that his worth lies in his actions, so he will never be bothered about what others think, because he knows his strengths, power and value.

So, next time you’re on a millionaire dating site and you see a Sugar Daddy going on and on about how much he has spend on his last yacht vacation, or posting flashy photos of himself, or name dropping while chatting to you, trying to upgrade his status by associating with bigger names, make sure you count all these as red flags and stay away from that fake millionaire profile.

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