How to choose a safe Sugar Dating website

Mar 28, 2023 | Advices

Online dating and Sugar Dating websites have started to appear in a larger number, and this means only one thing – the risk of encountering fake dating websites or fake profiles is higher.

Finding a legit Sugar Daddy websites is not easy, but as long as you are aware of the dangers and are able to spot the dating scammers, you can safely navigate through the profiles and find that perfect Sugar Daddy.

When it comes to not so legit Sugar Dating websites, there are a few things that stand out: there is no contact info (email or phone number), there is not a support team available to offer you assistance, the design of the website looks sloppy and outdated, the text is scarce and lacks attention to details, and the profiles are either too perfect, with model-looking people, either are lacking information.

A profile may be fake if:

  • It has a lot of blank sections
  • It has only one photo, or the photos uploaded are of bad quality and you can’t see clearly the person in them
  • It states that the person in the profile is living in another country (this is very convenient if you are a scammer and you just want to get some benefits from the person you’re approaching)
  • The person that has the profile asks you to chat somewhere else outside the dating app, to avoid being detected by the support teamThe messages sent by that user has lots of errors or are general copy-paste pickup lines.

If you feel like the profile passes your “fake test”, look out for red flags such as:

Drama stories

If the person you are talking to, after charming his way in and impressing you with his lifestyle, clothes, accessories, travels, starts to say all sorts of complex stories and in the end asks you for financial assistance, invoking all sorts of reasons, like his bank accounts are frozen and so on, this is a major red flag!

They are never in the country

They always come up with excuses and stories to justify why they are never available to see you and start discussing the terms of your sugar agreement, prolonging the online conversations, this is another big red flag!

Over-the-top compliments and love gestures

If he is expressing his big emotions for you just a few days after talking to you for the first time, then watch out because this one is a scammer and a time waster.

The bad grammar

This is one of the first signs that should raise some questions regarding his true nature. If the grammar is bad and he sends all sorts of copy-paste messages, stay away because he is wasting your time.

The personal information requests

If he is asking for private information such as home address or banking info under the pretext that he wants to do something nice for you and send you a present, flowers or money, this is also a red flag!

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