Dating a millionaire when you’re not rich. Tips and tricks

Jul 20, 2023 | Advices

As a sugar baby that has a profile on a sugar daddy dating site, you may think that in order to attract a millionaire sugar daddy you also must look like you have big bucks, but that is really not the case!

Dressing in clothes that are way over your budget may alter your personality, making you suddenly extra clumsy, or lacking confidence, or trying to be someone you’re not. Dressing in a style that is not our own can do that to a person. That’s why one of the rules of first dates is never to dress in a new dress on a first date, because that dress hasn’t started to feel like your own and your attitude will be influenced by it.

The same applies to trying to buy something that you can’t normally afford, just to impress a rich guy. You will not feel like yourself, and that will be your biggest disadvantage.

So, our most important advice when dating a millionaire sugar daddy when you are not rich yourself, is not to try to pose in someone that you are not.

Be natural, dress in the clothes that makes you feel confident, beautiful and sexy, ask him to take you to a place that is not overly fancy for your first date, so the two of you can focus on discovering if there is any chemistry between the two of you, instead of thinking witch fork to use when you want to eat something of your plate, or stressing out because your dress is too tight and you can’t breathe properly.

Another thing you need to know is not to be too greedy! Don’t focus on him being a millionaire. That means not asking him about how he made his fortune, don’t order the most expensive things on the menu, don’t make plans for the two of you in advance.

Be casual, natural, smile, ask him questions, be a good listener and focus on helping him feel relaxed in your company.

Don’t drink alcohol on your first date, and you choose to drink, have one, maximum two glasses, not more. Stay focused on the purpose of your date, which is making him feel captivated by your personality, your wits, and your fantastic smile. Talk about your passions, show real interest in the things that seem to attract him, and you’ll surely make a great impression.

Another thing to avoid is making plans for the two of you without asking him first. Keep in mind that being a millionaire and managing to keep your wealth require time to do business, and sometimes long meetings, business trips and so on.

So, instead of being demanding when it comes to his free time, be sympathetic and focus on what he really enjoys doing to relax. Maybe he’s not into adventures, and he likes relaxing with a glass of whiskey and a good book. Respect that and be quietly by his side with a book in your hand, or a magazine, if you are not a book lover yourself.

Our point is to try to be realistic, natural, sympathetic, and understanding with your millionaire sugar daddy, and things will soon fall into place for the two of you.

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