How To Improve Your Relationship With Your Sugar Daddy?

Jan 4, 2023 | Questions

Although from outside it may seem like having and keeping a Sugar Daddy is easy work, well it isn’t! How to find sugar daddy online? Finding the ideal Sugar Daddy for you is not a difficult task, especially when you know what you are looking for in a man. This is also the reason why we are encouraging all Sugar Babies to have a clear mental image of how their Sugar Daddy should act and talk, of the things the Sugar Baby is ok with, and with the things that are clear no-no’s.

But the hardest part comes only after securing a Sugar Daddy, and it’s all about how you should act and what you should do and not do, to keep him happy and satisfied. The erotic part of the equation is simple, and there are tons of articles on this theme. But the difficult part consists in how you should behave, because Sugar Dating is not normal dating, and your Sugar Daddy is not your boyfriend!

If you are looking to improve your relationship with your Sugar Daddy you must mainly consider your behavior, and how you should act so that you will not fall into the nagging and demanding girlfriend trap.

Your Sugar Daddy does not need a girlfriend by his side, he is not here for the “traditional dating” experience. He is here because he has certain desires and expectations that can’t be met by a traditional dating scenario. And you’ve agreed to that!

So, here’s what you can do to improve your Sugar Daddy relationship:

  1. Have realistic expectations
    The amazing thing about being a Sugar Baby and having a Sugar Daddy is the fact that both of you have clearly stated your needs and expectations from this relationship, from the very beginning. So, if fancy clothes, or expensive gifts were on your agenda, or if you were looking for an arrangement where you can get a monthly allowance, you’ve mentioned that from the beginning, and your Sugar Daddy agreed to offer you what you want.
    So, have realistic expectations and make sure you are not stepping outside of the lines agreed from the very beginning. Your Sugar Daddy is not your boyfriend, he is not supposed to call you every day, text message you, send you love notes, or give you flowers, if the two of you didn’t agree to that.
    The key is to expect only the things you’ve talked about and nothing more. And if extra signs of attention and appreciation come from your Sugar Daddy, accept them, but don’t turn them into the norm.
  2. Show interest in everything that he does
    You are the biggest supporter that your Sugar Daddy has. You are his rock, his shoulder to cry on and his most passionate cheerleader, so act like it, actively listen to what he is telling you, ask questions, show genuine interest, stay calm, don’t jump to conclusions, or hurry up to give unsolicited advice, just look into his eyes, listen, and stay connected.
    This is something that regular girlfriends tend to forget about, when caught up in their daily lives – to be there for their partner and to show him their support. But you are different, you are a professional, and you are your Sugar Daddy’s biggest asset, show him that and your bond will be stronger than ever!
  3. Always use “I” statements
    When something feels wrong, when you are not agreeing with your Sugar Daddy, or when you feel that he mistreated you, the most important thing to remember is to always refer to YOU, and not to HIM when addressing the problem!
    You only know how his words or actions made YOU feel, but you don’t really know what was going on in his head or what his true intentions were. So, when talking to him about something, always tell him how that situation made you feel, or how you interpreted it.
    I felt misunderstood when you said that”. “I feel less important to you when you don’t call me”.
    Always make it about how you feel and not about him, because when you say something like “You don’t care for me enough and that’s why you never call me”, you’re being aggressive and you’re targeting him and putting the blame on him, and no Sugar Daddy wants his Sugar Baby to accuse him of anything bad.
  4. Mind your actions
    Your looks are important so make sure that you have a healthy lifestyle, that you eat well, workout and always look classy, elegant, wearing natural makeup and a good quality perfume. Men are sensorial creatures, they are drawn by the way you smell, the way you dress, the way you smile, don’t forget that, and use it to your advantage.
    Also, make sure that your Sugar Daddy can always depend on you. Always keep your word and be responsible when you say you will do something, and always follow through with your plans.

These are just a few useful pointers on how to improve your relationship with your Sugar Daddy, try to follow them and you’ll have a strong, long lasting Sugar Relationship. And keep in mind to always respect yourself, so that others show you respect, be a woman of your word and be a good listener!

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