What to include in your Sugar Baby app profile?

Mar 8, 2023 | Advices

60 seconds, this is the average time a man spends looking through a woman’s profile! So, you get it now why it is essential to be efficient and say as much as possible in fewer words, when it comes to your Sugar Baby profile.

And that is why we are giving you here some pointers on how to describe yourself to a Sugar Daddy, keeping in mind that he is going to spend less than a minute on your profile.

Choose your profile photo wisely!

Because his attention span is so limited and he tends to browse fast through profiles, you must use your space on your Sugar Baby profile wisely, starting with the profile photo! Don’t just drop any photo there, instead choose carefully what your profile photo will be.

It has to be a photo that tells a story, that draws attention and makes the Sugar Daddy curious to see more. Use the profile photo to describe yourself to a Sugar Daddy, to give him some pointers on what your interests and passions are, on what type of woman you are, on your personality.

And here is what we mean by a photo that tells a story:

·   if you are a passionate woman, you could post a photo with you in a red Spanish inspired dress, while posing like a flamenco dancer for example;

·   if you are a nature lover and more of a sweet “girl next door” type of woman, post a photo with you on a hike, but make sure to be an alluring one, not with you all sweaty and red faced;

·   if you are an animal lover, positive and fun, you could post a photo with you holding a cute dog or a fluffy cat in your arms;

·   if you are into fetishes and things like that, you know what photo to upload, but you keep it light.

Every photo in your gallery must say something about you.

The next step is to focus on your photo gallery. Sometimes there’s a limited number of photos you can upload, other times you can upload as many as you like. If there is no limit, make sure not to overdo it and upload 20 – 30 photos, because no one has the time to browse through them all.

Choose the top 7 or 8 photos you’ve got and make sure that each photo you’re uploading shows a different side of you.

Ø  post a sexy, alluring one to fire up his imagination;  

Ø  post one where you’re dressed classy and smart, so that he can envision you by his side during a business trip;

Ø  post one where you’re looking all elegant, as a hint that you can also accompany your Sugar Daddy to fancy, social events;

Ø  post one natural, with you doing something that you love – no heavy makeup or stiff clothes, just you reading, baking, playing with your pet, cuddling with a warm tea in bed;

Ø  post one with a summer vibe to it.

Make sure to choose your photos carefully, with no dirty background, messy rooms, or strangers around, caught on film.

Be specific in your description. Don’t use empty words!

Next step is your description! Here the most important thing is not to be generic. Don’t just say you like to travel, because 90% of the population like to do that, instead say something specific about your travels, like I like to travel in big cities, to feel the vibe of the place, or I like exotic destinations, where I can immerse myself in the local culture, or I like to travel with a backpack throughout the country, or I am a foodie and I love to travel to places where I can taste the local cuisine.

Don’t say you love watching movies. Say instead what movies you’re a big fan of and why. By being very specific about your likes and dislikes, you tend to better filter your audience and have better chances of meeting the Sugar Daddy that is the perfect fit for you!

Keep a positive, funny vibe.Stay positive and bring a little humor into the mix. Research has shown that a positive tone used in your profile, a little goofiness, attracts more attention, because we are usually drawn towards positive, happy people, because these types of people are the ones that are able to meet our needs and give us the energy and joie de vivre that we all want in our lives.

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