What Is a Sugar Daddy (SD)?

Nov 17, 2022 | Advices

Dating in today’s world is not as easy as it may sound. Nowadays there are so many ways of dating, all adapted to fit the lifestyle and expectations of the ones involved in it, but the most common of all are traditional dating, escort dating and sugar dating.

Sugar Dating has caught the eye of more and more people lately, due to its versatility and capability to adapt to the needs of the two people looking to know each other and spend time one in the company of the other.

What makes Sugar Dating so awesome is the fact that if offers you the possibility of stating your dating expectations right from the very beginning, no hidden agendas, no unmet expectations, no drama, just honesty and full transparency.

A Sugar Daddy is usually a mature, financially secure gentleman that has a certain type of lifestyle that is not compatible with traditional dating. Maybe he travels a lot and doesn’t have time for a family, or dating a person on a regular basis, maybe he works crazy hours, is caught up in meetings, business dinner dates and social events, maybe he just wants a break from all the rigor of dating in the classical sense of the way.

No matter his reason, a Sugar Daddy is looking for a “no strings attached” type of commitment, a type of relationship where he doesn’t feel tied up or in need to follow social norms.

What does a Sugar Daddy want?

It is simple, he wants all the benefits of dating a gorgeous, smart woman, without the constraints of dating that woman under the traditional rules of dating. He wants to be able to call his Sugar Baby when ever he has a minute off from work and invite his Sugar Baby to accompany him to a late dinner or to a cocktail with his business partners.

A Sugar Daddy also wants someone with whom he can spend a relaxing weekend in a crazy sexcation, or he is looking for a woman that can offer him good quality time, a great conversation, and a good laugh, whenever he feels the need to be listened and comforted.

It all about dating a hot, witty, passionate, and smart person, whenever you feel the need for high-quality companionship, without having to deal with all the nasty parts like meeting the family and friends, making small talk with un-interesting people, having to face mood swings and “adult tantrums”, dealing with jealousy, and the list can go on.

Can you be a Sugar Daddy?

A Sugar Daddy can be any man that has the financial capabilities to offer his partner “sugar”, meaning either a monthly allowance, or shopping sprees, gifts or coverage of a student loan or a tuition.

Another must as a Sugar Daddy is to know and respect the rules of Sugar Dating. That means, being able to establish and respect boundaries, clearly state your expectations and your possibilities in terms of recompensating your Sugar Baby and respecting your Sugar Baby’s personal space.

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