The right etiquette when dating a millionaire

Mar 13, 2023 | Advices

There is online dating and there is millionaire dating, each with its rules and guidelines that you need to follow in order to blend in and have a chance of meeting a Sugar Daddy perfect for you.

When entering a millionaire dating site, as a Sugar Baby looking for the Sugar lifestyle, there are a couple of things you need to know:

  1. Proper event etiquette is a must.
  2. Wits are more important than beauty.
  3. Know what to talk to and what not.
  4. Always focus on your date.

There are not a lot of millionaire dating sites out there, but if you want to have a chance on one of them you need to know your way around how a millionaire thinks and what he needs in terms of a Sugar Baby.

Being a Sugar Baby is so much more than just being arm candy. When in need of a doll looking woman full of sex-appeal, the Sugar Daddy will direct his attention elsewhere. But when he is looking for a Sugar Baby, the millionaire Sugar Daddy has completely different expectations.

Being the Sugar Baby of a millionaire Sugar Daddy means being the perfectly balanced mix of hot, sexy, passionate escort and girlfriend material. You need to know the proper millionaire dating etiquette, so that you can stand beside him proud at social events and gatherings, you need to keep informed of everything that happens in the world so that you can be a good conversation partner, you need to know what you can and can’t talk about, what to wear and how to put on makeup so that you can fit in next to him.

When entering a millionaire dating site make sure that:

  1. You have a clean profile

    Choose the photos that best describe you and your personality. Don’t use more than 2-3 professionally taken photos, instead go for photos from your personal archive. This way you are genuine and he can see exactly if he is vibing with you. Don’t upload photos that depict you in an unflattering situation – partying hard, dressed sketchy and so on.

    Make sure that your profile is as personal as it can be, describing you, your likes, your passions. Stay away from quotes or generic descriptions that you could find on dozens of other profiles. Instead, be specific about your likes and interests, because when you talk with passion about the things that are of interest to you, this gives away an incredible energy to the reader.
  2. You know the proper etiquette

    Start reading about dress codes, about how to use the right cutlery when dining at a fancy restaurant, about the proper way to exit a car and enter a restaurant, about dress lengths, choosing the right heels, applying natural makeup and so on.

    When dating a millionaire, appearance and style is key. You need to look natural, casual, elegant without trying, like that is your natural environment.
  3. You stay away from brands and bling.

    Millionaires will never wear big logos on clothes, accessories that stand out and big, sparkly bling. Natural, toned down, elegant and stylish are the keywords here. Standing out of the crowd through your choice of clothes and makeup is not desirable, instead try to do that through your personality and charm.
  4. You focus completely on your date.

    What a millionaire Sugar Daddy wants is to be your number one priority, to be listened to, to have someone to show him attention, appreciation, to offer him sincere compliments and to give him honesty. Be there 100% for your potential Sugar Daddy, listen to him actively and try to be the shoulder he leans on for support and for recharging his batteries.
  5. You don’t talk about money, politics, and religion!

Talking about money is frown upon when you are looking to date a millionaire Sugar Daddy online. You can discuss the terms of your sugar agreement at the beginning of your relationship and that’s it. Don’t ask him about his earnings, don’t ask for extra money and stay away from strong conversation points that may lead to heated discussions – money, politics and religion.

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