The key traits of a sugar daddy

Jul 25, 2023 | Advices

When entering the sugar dating world every sugar baby is looking for that perfect sugar daddy that can provide for them the lifestyle that they are craving for.

So, as a new sugar daddy you may wonder what are the traits that must be reflected on your profile, to attract those smart, beautiful, and open-minded sugar babies. Here is where we step in with some of the most important aspects that can turn a sugar daddy from average to incredible!

Respect – the ideal sugar daddy should know all about respect and boundaries. He must treat you like his equal, respect your space and privacy, and keep his word when it comes to the boundaries that he promised to respect.

Being respectful towards a sugar baby means showing respect regarding her time, so if you say you will meet at a certain time and place, you need to follow up on your words, and if you need to postpone, announce it right away, not in the last minute.

Showing respect also means talking in a nice manner, telling her in a polite way if there are any specific rules of conduct that she must obey when you go to a fancy place, and so on.

Emotional intelligence – this is the hottest thing on a guy, knowing to read the woman in front of him, being able to express his emotions and translate into words what he is thinking, not being afraid to be vulnerable and being able to tell when something is troubling the woman next to him.

Even though the sugar baby is there to offer you her full attention and time, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do the same for her, so try to be an active listener and to pay attention to her actions, words, and body language.

Honesty – being completely open and honest about the things that you require from your sugar arrangement will help you get exactly what you want from the right sugar baby.

If you don’t put all your cards on the table and talk frankly about your expectations out of this commitment, you will never receive exactly what you need and want. So be honest about your expectations and be honest about what you can, and you can’t offer to your sugar baby.

This way you avoid any future misunderstandings. Always say what you mean and mean what you say, and your sugar baby will surely appreciate that!Generosity – nobody likes a man with a tight pocket, we don’t mean that you should spend money on your sugar baby, but keeping your word when you say that you will offer her a monthly allowance, or that you will pay for her tuition/student loan, or that you will take her shopping regularly, is a must. Also, offering her a surprise gift from time to time is a great gesture that will surely be deeply appreciated, making your sugar baby put in the extra work into your arrangement.

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