What makes a happy and healthy sugar daddy relationship?

May 18, 2023 | Questions

Everyone is looking for that perfect sugar partner, isn’t it? That’s why we are all here, to find that person that can offer us stability and comfort, that meets our criteria and that is happy with what we have to offer.

But, as a sugar baby looking for a sugar daddy the work doesn’t end here, at finding the ideal sugar daddy and arriving at an agreement. The hard work only now truly starts, because you want to find ways to make the relationship work and maintain a sense of happiness and wellbeing.

What makes a relationship with a sugar daddy happy and healthy?

In this case, the recipe is the same as the one for a traditional dating and is based on five things: constant communication, maintenance check, constantly adjusted expectations, couple rituals and giving each other space.

  1. Communication

    As a sugar baby looking for a sugar daddy you feel like you need to keep some things to yourself so that you don’t find yourself oversharing. But after you’ve set the terms of your sugar relationship you must set up a constant line of communication with your partner if your want things to work for you.

    Communicate constantly and don’t leave room for interpretation. Be an open book when it comes to your sugar relationship, voice your concerns and your dislikes, but always keep in mind to balance the negative with some positive, so also state the things that you like, that make you happy and fill you with joy.
  2. Maintenance

    Just like an overly used appliance, a relationship needs constant maintenance. After setting up the terms of your sugar arrangement don’t just let things go with the flow, instead see what works and what doesn’t, what needs improvement or change and what is ok as it is.

    People evolve and change, and sometimes they do that in a short period of time, so keep your eyes open and see what your sugar daddy needs and desires are now.

    Don’t think about the past or future, instead always focus on the present moment, because in sugar dating this is the one that matters the most.
  3. Expectations

    Always adjust your expectation to reality. A sugar daddy is a busy person, with responsibilities and a hectic lifestyle. Always be ready to change your plans, to welcome the unexpected, to be spontaneous, to accept last minute cancellations and changes and to face all with a smile and a positive attitude.
  4. Rituals

    Rituals are the things that make a couple stronger, and even if you are no traditional couple, having your own special moments and activities will only bring the two closer together, consolidating your position as a top sugar baby.

    These rituals depend on what the two of you enjoy doing together. It could be a couple’s massage occasionally, a movie night every two weeks, a naughty role-playing experience and so on. Think about what makes him excited and happy and plan your couple ritual accordingly.


Having your own personal space is vital in any type of relationship: a friendship, a traditional relationship, or a sugar relationship. So, make sure that you and your sugar daddy spend some time apart, doing the things that you enjoy, separated from one another.

Also, when he is having a busy time make sure to just be there, available for him, but also giving him space, so that he can reach you if needed, without feeling suffocated.

Follow our advice and try to offer each other respect, communication, understanding, space and time.

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