Dating Life Of A Sugar Baby

Jan 10, 2023 | Questions

The Sugar Lifestyle is definitely not for everyone. Although it may seem all glam, parties and playing dress-up, the life of a Sugar Baby is also about commitment, following the well-established rules of the Sugar Relationship, offering high-quality companionship to her Sugar Daddy, and doing everything in her power to always look in top shape, always dressed to impress, always up  to date with the latest social events and always full of life and energy.

But, when you have everything figured out with your Sugar Daddy, when the both of you know each other’s boundaries, needs and expectations, things can really get magical!

The Sugar Baby lifestyle is all about feeling empowered, independent, and living the dream. It’s about knowing your limits, setting boundaries for yourself and being able to speak out and ask for what you need, so what’s not to love about it, right?!

Asked what she would say to young ladies struggling financially and emotionally these days, Angelica, a Sugar Baby with a long-term sugar relationship answered:

“Even if right now you feel stuck in the way things are, one thing is for sure: nothing remains the same forever, things change, opportunities arise. You are not stuck. Life changes every moment. So will you!”

The story of Angelica is the story of so many young, smart, beautiful ladies that are struggling to get to a better point in their lives, to get better opportunities, better chances, and an elevated lifestyle.

Dating a Sugar Daddy is not a full-time job!

For them, becoming a Sugar Baby was the answer they were looking for, because dating a Sugar Daddy is not a full-time job, is something that offers you great joy and opens doors, all while giving you enough free time to pursue the things that interest you, and enough money to not feel compelled to accept any job that’s out there on the market.

“For me, being a Sugar Baby online is the best part of the day. I don’t see it as a job, and I don’t feel like I must put on a show for my Sugar Daddy. On the contrary, after a long, busy day, putting on a beautiful dress that he bought for me, and some makeup and going out for a lovely dinner and a great conversation with someone that knows how to act like a gentleman, is the best way to spend my free time”, says Erica, 26, Sugar Baby for three years.

A month in the life of a Sugar Baby

Angelica agreed to share with us how a month in the life of a Sugar Baby looks like. Her agreement with her Sugar Daddy is that she receives from him a monthly allowance, and she is available for him two out of four weekends, and two nights a week. Sometimes there are situations that involve traveling, but she asked her Sugar Daddy to let her know at least one week in advance, to make the proper preparations at work, before making any plans.

“Sometimes I feel like everything is just too good to be true, and I expect to wake up from this dream. But the amazing things is that this is real, this is happening, and this is my life right now!”

“The arrangement that I have with my Sugar Daddy allows me to have control over my life, to have free time and a schedule of my own. I am not 24/7 available for my Sugar Daddy, and he knows and respects that. And what’s even great is that with his connections, I was able to start a great job at a publishing agency.

For me having a Sugar Daddy is just like normal dating but without the obligations of an actual relationship.

I always plan my activities, my outings and my trips having in mind the days when I meet with my Sugar Daddy and the weekend when we make plans together. Sometimes his work comes in the way of our plans, but for him I keep a flexible schedule, because he’s an incredible man and totally worth it.

For instance, last month we had our regular dates two times a week that consist of a fancy dinner, tickets to a play, to the Opera, sometimes a movie, and a lovely night spent together. One of the eight dates that we’ve had was a social engagement that he had to attend, and he invited me to be his date.

He sent me a huge bouquet of red roses and a box with this incredible dress that I was supposed to wear for that evening. It was just like you see in the movies!

During our weekend together he had rented a mountain villa and we’ve spent our days hiking, soaking in the jacuzzi, eating at a nice restaurant nearby, talking and having fun.

Although in our original agreement he is not obliged to give me any gifts at all, or take me shopping, he does that on a regular basis, as a special surprise for me. Last month he had a business trip to Monaco and called me and asked if I could join him. Of course, I’ve made all the arrangements to go with him, and my special surprise was a day shopping while he was caught up in meetings.

I feel really pampered and like living a dream. If that’s so, then I never want to wake up!”.

The life of a Sugar Baby can be amazing, can be dreamy and can be full of incredible surprises, but you must know that nothing happens overnight.

You must put in the work, you must know how to filter the Sugar Daddies that approach you, you must know how to speak your mind and don’t feel shy naming your expectations and you must be honest and show personality in both your profile and the messages that you are sending to potential Sugar Daddies.

You’ve got this, we know you can!

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