All about money? Debunking myths on millionaire dating!

Jul 10, 2023 | Questions

Is a millionaire dating the unicorn of the sugar dating world? Some may think so, especially due to the “millionaire” part, that for some implies that being a part of the millionaire dating world is all about the money.

But entering a sugar baby website and dating a millionaire is more than meets the eye, because you need to really know this type of sugar daddy before getting to date one.

Sugar daddy millionaires that you find on sugar baby websites are a special type of men that know the power of intelligence, passion and hard-earned money well spent. So, if you want to date a millionaire sugar daddy, we will debunk some myths about millionaire dating, that will help you better understand these types of sugar daddies.

Millionaire sugar daddies are all about the money

You may think that millionaires focus and care only on making money and tend to have an obsession about money and wealth, but that may actually be just a myth. Millionaires are making money but because they know the power of money they don’t tend to obsess over them. So, next time you’re on a date with a millionaire sugar daddy, don’t talk about money, or ask him about his wealth because that will make you look greedy and will make him lose interest in you.

They are all young geniuses or old wealthy men

Millionaires are not actually situated in those two extremes, so don’t think that only the young, newly enriched people or old guys can have big wealth. Don’t have such a simplistic way of thinking and don’t let appearances influence your decisions. Keep in mind that the really rich men don’t like to flaunt their wealth, so look more at their manners and the way they talk rather than focusing on what they wear or what they drive.

Millionaires love taking risks

The number of those that are getting rich from taking risks is significantly smaller than the number of the ones that have built their wealth over the course or years. Having steady wealth that can last for generations is not something you earn overnight, is not a gamble but a well thought, long-term strategy.

They are careless and spend their time having fun

Actually, real millionaire sugar daddies are very strict about how they choose to spend their money and have little time for partying, relaxing and having fun. It takes time and commitment to make a fortune and make it last over time, so most real millionaires actually have a very strict and balanced lifestyle, with not so many indulgences.

Millionaires surround themselves with other rich people

Because, due to their life experience they’ve got to meet a lot of different type of people, actually millionaires tend to avoid other wealthy people, especially the ones that are newly rich or earned their money in illicit ways. Having money and earning them while doing legit business means having discipline, being smart and knowing to read people, so millionaires will most likely surround themselves with honest, sincere and smart people, no matter their bank account.

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