How to spot the red flags when dating a sugar daddy

May 31, 2023 | Advices

All relationships have red flags, some may be small and insignificant to us while other may lead to traumatic experiences. What’s important is to know how to spot these red flags and not normalize a behavior that harms us, makes us think less about ourselves and lowers our self-esteem.

The notion of “red flags” may be relatively new, but this topic should not be treated lightly because major relationships red flags, that are treated like they are the norm, are dangerous in the long run.

So, ladies, even though your sugar daddy may seem amazing on paper, if you don’t feel like a superstar in his company, if he doesn’t treat you right, but instead is constantly making you feel insignificant, unimportant, small, and insecure, that is not a man you should be around with.

The sugar daddy red flags are there, and it is up to you to spot them, because you know best what are those things that push your buttons and trigger those intense emotional reactions and insecurities.

Although every sugar baby can the sugar daddy red flags that are problematic to her, there are also a few generally available red flags that all sugar babies should spot and acknowledge as a red flag if they come across them:

Red Flag no 1 – He makes you feel inferior.

When your sugar daddy is constantly making you feel inferior only to boost his ego, when he diminishes everything that you are doing right and when he feels the need to throw in mean punches during a conversation, that is a red flag that you should immediately spot!

No one should make you feel inferior, not even a millionaire sugar daddy. A well-educated person knows how to treat a lady, how to lift her up and not break her spirit. Do not let your sugar daddy think less about you, instead go and find yourself another daddy that knows how to treat you well.

Red flag no 2 – He is emotionally unavailable.

Sugar dating is not about romantic feelings, but it is about trust, respect, kindness, and being able to relax and fully be yourself in a safe place, next to a person that elevates you and brings the best out in you.

Being emotionally unavailable is a red flag in a sugar daddy, because even though you don’t expect love declarations from his behalf, you do expect to have a sugar relationship with a man that is not afraid of being vulnerable in your presence, of showing his sweet side, and of having normal reactions to life events.

Red flag no 3 – He’s gaslighting you.

When your sugar daddy makes it all look like is your fault, when through his behavior he’s making you question yourself and your sanity, that is a major red flag that should make you leave right away.

A gaslighting sugar daddy will always make you pose as the crazy person, will always twist your words, and will repeatedly act super sweet after episodes of anger and rage. Don’t put up with this kind of dangerous behavior.

Red flag no 4 – Uncontrollable jealousy

Being a little jealous, making a small scene, or even joking about it is normal in any kind of relationship, but when your sugar daddy’s jealousy starts restricting your moves and your life, that’s the point where huge red flags appear.

  • If your sugar daddy wants to know your every move, is taking over your entire life, is not allowing you to see your friends or family, does not approve of you going out to drinks or to party with your friends, controls your phone and email and even comments on how you should dress and act, that’s toxic jealousy and you should get out of this kind of relationship.

Red flag no 5 – Verbal or physical abuse

When things turn violent, this is the ultimate red flag. If your sugar daddy starts abusing you in a physical or verbal manner that’s your cue to leave at once. There’s no coming back from any type of abuse, because if he did it once he will do it again, despite his apologies and gestures of love and appreciation afterwards.

Do not accept any type of violence, not even once, because violence always leads to more violence in the future.

Stay away from sugar daddies that meet the criteria below and pay extra attention to our red flags.

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