Financial etiquette for Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies

Aug 8, 2023 | Advices

Being a Sugar Baby or a Sugar Daddy comes with a well determined set of rules that both sides must know and respect. Knowing the right etiquette when it comes to the way one should talk, dress, and discuss certain issues, is a must if you want to be known as a top Sugar Baby or trustworthy Sugar Daddy.

When deciding to join the sugar dating world, before exploring the free messaging dating sites you should start with learning all there is to learn about what it means to be a Sugar Baby or a Sugar Daddy.

One of the most important aspects of dating in the sugar world is mastering financial etiquette, in fewer words, knowing what to say and what not to say when it comes to money.

The sugar dating financial etiquette states that both Sugar Baby and Sugar Daddy, after exchanging texts on the sugar dating platform, should set up a Meet and Greet (the popular name for the first face to face date between the two potential sugar partners), learn more one about the other, see if there is any chemistry and potential to grow the relationship, and talk frankly about the money aspect of the agreement.

During the Meet and Greet, the sugar dating financial etiquette states that it is perfectly fine to talk all about money and other forms of compensation.

 So, this is the best time to put all your card on the table and discuss honestly about what your expectations are, money wise, as a Sugar Baby – how you want to be recompensated for your time (with a monthly allowance, tuition fees covered, shopping sprees, vacations and so on), and as a Sugar Daddy, what are you ok with offering, to represent a good compensation for your demands and expectations.

During this first face-to-face date you can discuss all about your financial possibilities and financial needs, without sounding petty or greedy.

 It is the only time when you can ask all the things that interest you in your potential partner, because this is the “make or break” meeting, the point when both potential sugar partners decide if the other person is the right one for their needs.

After the meet and greet, if the two parties have reached a mutual agreement, in terms of financial expectations, the topic related to money can be considered closed.

As a Sugar Daddy, the financial etiquette states that you have no right to ask your Sugar Baby about her spending habits, or to try to offer unsolicited financial advice. As a Sugar Baby, it is tabu to demand money or extra benefits, after the initial negotiation of terms has been closed.


  • ask your partner about how he/she is making the money that they have
  • ask how much the things that you receive cost
  • ask for money
  • discuss about money in public or at social events you’re attending with your sugar partner

Respect the advice above and you’ll be ok with the basics when it comes to financial etiquette in the sugar world.

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